HVAC Service on Long Island Contract Bidding

Most hvac service on long island contracts are awarded through a process of bidding. During the process, contractors will submit pricing that includes labor, profit, and all materials and usually the lowest bidder is the one who is awarded the contract.

HVAC Service on Long Island

In a basic hvac service on long island construction project, the mechanical portion is one of the largest components and — along with plumbing — consists of ventilation, heating, and central air installation on long island. Unlike other trades, to be successful, HVAC bidding requires strong technical knowledge and many years of experience. Although it can be possible to bid successfully on HVAC contracts with only some experience.


Where to Find Jobs to Bid On

To find jobs to bid on, try inquiring about bidding contract opportunities for local contractors. Some contractors will accept bids with no restrictions where others may require that you pre-qualify and you may be asked for some company information, such as employee resumes, financial statements, and more.


You can also visit the National Association of State Purchasing Offices (NASPO) where you will find numerous state projects all over the U.S., and the Federal Business Opportunities website, where you will find thousands of federal projects.


How to Calculate Pricing

Use the HVAC specs and drawings to figure out material quantities. The architectural drawings can often provide the most information on the intended space usage and you should also check to see how other buildings nearby fits in with this building which could also affect the bid.


Begin with major equipment like fans, condensers, VAV boxes, and central air installation long island units. Calculate the piping required and the total linear footage for each ductwork type. Count all the diffusers, grilles, louvers, as well as other materials that will be needed than get pricing by sending the totals to your material suppliers. To check material prices including central air installation long island contractors can check the RS Means book to obtain rough estimates of prices for smaller jobs.


To figure out the costs of labor, hvac service on long island contractors calculate the amount of material that can be installed per hour, then multiply the total by each employee’s hourly wages.


In addition, two very important things to check for are any project-specific items that may impact wages or productivity, including wage scale, night work, or overtime and if the project is within a building that is occupied which can decrease productivity dramatically. Remember to include permit costs.


Other Costs to Consider

Other costs to consider are tools, work vehicles, cranes, lifts, management costs, and other miscellaneous expenses. Once you have calculated the total add in a small percentage of job profits. Next, check the bidding requirements and project scope to make sure you bid the job specified and the contractor accepts HVAC bids or expects a full mechanical bid which includes plumbing. If an entire mechanical system is required than partner with local plumbing services and checks their prices before completing your bid.