Polished Concrete Flooring in Tampa Better than Epoxy Flooring?

Experts in polished concrete flooring in Tampa often talk to customers who are a bit concerned about the difference between an epoxy and polished concrete finish. To help you decide epoxy and polished concrete Tampa experts help shed some light on the different types of finishes.


Deciding to add a new finished flooring option to your garage will add a gorgeous look that is both functional and adds a decorative touch to this often overlooked area of the home. Of course, we shouldn’t forget that this type of finish can also increase the value of your home. But just how do you choose the type of finish you need for that concrete floor? It is at this point where you may find yourself struggling to decide whether you should get a polished concrete or an epoxy flooring finish.

This confusion is understandable, as both finishes use concrete as the foundation but offer a very different type of flooring surface. Here epoxy flooring in Tampa experts help by showing you the difference between a polished concrete and an epoxy finish.


  1. Polished Concrete

Professional in polished concrete flooring in Tampa suggest that the most notable benefit of polished concrete is cost. This process is less labor intensive and involves the polishing of the existing concrete slab. To get this finish, a professional concrete contractor will run specialized industrial grinding machines with fine polishing heads across the surface. Once finished, the result is a smooth shimmering surface.


2. Epoxy Finish

Epoxy flooring in Tampa contractors believe this to be a superior concrete slab finish. An epoxy concrete finish is a liquid coating of several layers. It usually involves two components to get a shiny colored concrete surface. Once applied, the surface is beautiful but also a strong performance usage which holds up to traffic.


3. The Benefits of Polished Concrete

Contractors of polished concrete flooring in Tampa tell us that homeowners often like polished concrete because it is decorative and is cost effective. A polished concrete floor is more difficult to damage, it does not need replacing and is easy to clean.

Almost any type of concrete floor can be polished, and the smooth reflective surface can be polished in different ways. A professional service can add lines, grids, borders and other designs. Polished finishes can also come in different levels of shine, from the satin to high-gloss finish.


4. The Benefits of Epoxy Floor Finishes

Although polished concrete flooring in Tampa can be a very attractive option, it does have certain limitations. This is where an Epoxy finish can be a better choice. This is a resin based system that comes in a variety of colors and formulas, giving you more design options for the concrete floor. Besides the aesthetic benefits, an epoxy finish can also improve the concrete floors weight-bearing capacity. It is impact, puncture and abrasion resistant. These are protective properties that exceed the properties of concrete polish.

An epoxy finish is a liquid form applied to concrete slabs. This means means that the surface will look seamless and once dry becomes highly resistant to solvents and acids.


5. Bottom Line

Homeowners who want the appearance of a glossy colored concrete, but also want improved strength and durability would do well with an epoxy coating. However, homeowners who are simply looking for a polished concrete look, even with a few design elements might be better off choosing a concrete polished finish.