Quality Tree Service on Long Island for the Spring Time

You need a quality tree service Long Island, especially in spring. L.I. is known for its beautiful trees. They include a wide variety of native trees, which are found in residential yards, parks and other locations throughout the area. You will find beautiful Eastern Red Maple, Japanese Larch and a variety of Pine, Fir and Spruce trees.  Sometimes one of these trees requires the services of a tree company in Long Island.

tree service long island

Long Island Tree Problems

Many things can cause problems when it comes to trees. They may require trimming, pruning, topping or complete removal. Having it done by a professional tree service Long Island company is essential if the end result is going to be a beautiful looking tree.

Problems that indicate a tree needs to be removed include misshapen leaves, large dead branches or branch stubs, vertical cracks and shallow roots. This condition may be caused by the age of a tree, a hollow tree or a tree disease.


Tree Removal in Long Island

When a tree removal in Long Island service is required, it is important to contact an experienced professional tree removal in Long Island company. This is not a DIY job and requires a person who works with tree removal to hold a “Tree Expert” license. The employees of such a company will take into consideration such things as the location of power lines, surrounding buildings, the direction the tree will fall and so forth.

Employees of a tree removal in Long Island company are highly trained in all aspects of tree removal services. They will carefully inspect the tree and decide the best method for its removal. Many times tree removal in Long Island services will have to “top” the tree and remove it one section at a time.


Tree Trimming on Long Island

Trimming  from a tree service Long Island is important if you wish to keep your property looking well cared for. Again, this requires the work of an expert in the business. On occasion, this may simply require removing certain limbs or branches from a tree to make it look well cared for.

Indications that tree trimming in Long Island services are required include tree limbs beginning to grow into power lines, become misshapen or getting too tall. Keeping all the trees on a property properly cared for, by having a tree trimming in Long Island expert prune and trim the branches, reduces the appearance of clutter and eliminates the danger of fallen trees during a storm.


When to Call on a Tree Service Long Island

Diseased or dead trees can be dangerous to people, animals and buildings. This makes it important to call a tree service in Long Island professional when you suspect that a tree needs to be removed. Known as arborists, when they make a tree inspection they can immediately inform you if it needs to be removed or simply trimmed.

In addition to their training, the majority of states require that arborists are licensed. This assures the public that they are in the hands of a company that will honor set rules designed for safety and proper treatment of trees. It also means that, whether you need a Long Island tree removed or simply need tree trimming in Long Island, you will receive excellent service by highly trained and experienced personnel.