Starting a Basement Finishing on Long Island Project? Wait!

Are you thinking of basement finishing on Long Island? If your basement looks like a dungeon of course you would! Why have that on you space go to waste.


Growing up I remember when the basement at my parents house was just cement and pillars. It was totally dark and musty and a place where nightmares were made from. At your house caught fire, and as we were going through the reconstruction process, my dad thought it would be a great idea to have our basement remodel.

So that began the journey of the new part of our home. The concrete floor have to be grounded, actually we have to take it down a.number of inches because there was not that much head room in our basement.

It had to be done since we were not munchkins, even though I did feel like I was in a oompah oompah land.

So the first part of the basement remodeling at least in our case, like I mentioned before, was digging down a few inches pouring concrete and then leveling it.

One thing I  forgot to mention that was part of our basement renovation project. Before we actually started to lay down the tiles, we needed to properly waterproof our basement. We live near the water, so we would definitely get those unwanted floods whenever it rained or whenever it was high tide.

That required to make sure that the water would drain towards the pit by the sump pump and that we also had a sump pump I would not burn out. The last thing you want to happen after a basement finishing on Long Island project is for all the money you put into that project to go down the drain.

So what we used for the walls What a wooden frame with sheet rock on top of it and then wooden paneling. My dad loved wood. If the toilet could be made out of wood we would have one. Now that I think about it, there are toilet made out of wood. They are called out houses!

Finally, after weeks of construction, we finally had our man cave. Well more like a prepubescent man cave! We had the bar, ping-pong table and pool table that fish basement renovation projects brought us. We were the envy of our report to Long Island neighborhood. So much so that That was OK, since we always had a lot of fun in our basement.

So remember if you’re looking to have a basement finishing project on Long Island, you’re going to attract a lot of people and have great parties.

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